U.S. Cities With Worst Drinking Water

Earlier this month we shared a list of the 10 cities in America with the cleanest drinking water. Well ladies and gents, we give you the cities with the worst drinking water. Keep in mind there are standards to  which all drinking water must comply and for any list there are winners and losers. This list comes from an MSNBC.com article (found here)

10.  Jacksonville, Florida (JEA)

9. San Diego, California (San Diego Water Department)

8.  North Las Vegas, Nevada (City of North Las Vegas Utilities Department)

7.  Omaha, Nebraska (Metropolitan Utilities District)

6.  Houston, Texas (City of Houston Public Works)

5. Reno, Nevada (Truckee Meadows Water Authority)

4.  Riverside County, California (Eastern Municipal Water District)

3.  Las Vegas, Nevada (Las Vegas Valley Water District)

2.  Riverside, California (City of Riverside Public Utilities)

And, drum roll, the city with the worst water in America is…

1.  Pensacola, Florida (Emerald Coast Water Utility)


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